Chloë Sevigny at “The Dinner” Tribeca Premiere, All Grown Up

Posted on April 27, 2017


Maybe she’s becoming more streamlined and focused in her style choices as she’s gotten older or maybe we just ran the joke into the ground, but we find it more and more difficult to come up with a new “Chloe’s alter” post in the last year or so. It’s not that she stopped wearing cray (see below), but it feels less experimental in that “let me try on a new persona today” way that she used to work. More and more, what we feel about Chloe’s style is that she has decided which one of the many kinds she’s tried that works for her best and is more or less sticking to it consistently. It’s a melange of downtown indie queen, high fashion, and – this is the new part – a touch of Hollywood.

To wit:

This is cray, fabulous, silly, bold, and weird. This is Chloe.

We don’t love this at all. For one, in case it’s not clear from the pictures, this is not just an acid green floral, it’s an acid-green VELVET floral. Up to the neck, down to the wrists, and straight to the floor. Mama is swaddled tonight. Second, it’s just too tight. It’s giving her a pooch and the whole bodice starts pulling if she so much as tries to put a hand on her hip. Then there’s the big glittery heart and unnecessary buttons, which take the whole thing fully over the top. But as a dress choice, we can’t deny her a certain amount of respect for making it. Like we said, it’s bold and weird and silly. Even if it’s ugly – and it is ugly – it’s still more fun and more interesting than the previous 2000 black cocktail dresses seen on red carpets (in the last month) combined.

Checking the lookbook shot, if it fit her and if she’d worn the shorter sleeve style, it might have worked a bit better, so long as she also ditched the shoes and bag. Adding gold accents to this look isn’t the fun kind of cray, it’s the what-were-you-thinking kind.


Style Credits:
Alessandra Rich Green Printed Velvet Dress with Embellished Belt from the Fall 2017 Collection

[Photo Credit: Getty Images, Courtesy of Alessandra Rich]

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