Bella Thorne Serves Up a Huge Platter of Cray on “Live with Kelly”

Posted on April 21, 2017

It’s Cray Girl Day here on T Lo Arbitrary Holidays Dot Com! For whatever reasons – the goddesses of bitchery smiling down on us, we suppose – we were faced this morning with an array of starlets in increasingly nutty fashion choices. Was it due to some ebb and flow of the tides? Some phase of the moon? Some reaction to political events or global crises? We may never know. And we’re not going to spend too much time looking this gift horse in the mouth by wondering about it.

All we really need do here is to thank the goddesses of bitchery for bestowing such bounty upon us:

We’re going to need a moment here. This is all just so wonderful that we’re a bit overcome.

We’re reminded of the heady early days of celebrity blogging, when people like Britney or Christina or Lindsay or even sometimes Gwen would go out in getups so horrifying that we would all gather ’round our desktops and dialups, and clap with glee at their lack of taste, their shamelessness, and/or the questionable talents of their stylists. In other words, we look at that above collection of poorly matched LOOK-AT-ME nonsense and we don’t feel irritated or angered by it. We don’t feel sorry for her or upset with her stylist. We don’t even feel the need to roll our eyes or offer her any advice. No, kittens. We smile and feel younger. It’s 2003 all of a sudden.

Also, this makes a lovely reminder that in the world of celebrity, some things will never, ever change. She’s doing exactly the same thing starlets were doing back in the silent era: dressing to shock and vamping like crazy for the cameras.


Style Credits:
Forever 21 Cropped Henley Top | Fenty Puma by Rihanna Track Pants | Dolls Kill Loophole Fishnet Body Stocking | Forever 21 Charm Faux Leather Choker | Dolls Kill Katty So Posh Lace-Up Boots

[Photo Credit: FameFlynet Pictures]

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