Anne Hathaway is Miss Vicki Vintage on “Good Morning America”

Posted on April 17, 2017


Miss Annie’s committed to sticking with vintage items for this poledance and we’ve gotta say…

The results are mixed. At best.

Just because you found a vintage Gucci belt doesn’t mean you can slap it on any ol’ flea market dress, pair it with a makeup bag, and have it all work. The juxtaposition looks a little “vintage try-hard,” for lack of a better term. Or, “Look, Mom! I’m wearing VINTAGE!” None of the three items mentioned really go together all that well, and at least one of them looks a little on the ugly side to us (the dress).

This is one of those good-on-paper tries. Despite our witchiness, we do like the idea of Anne becoming the Queen of Vintage, or whatever. She could work a cute, funky, downtown look. But anyone who shops vintage will tell you, it’s all about having a very good eye; not only for what will work on you, but what vintage pieces will work with each other. Too random and you look like a Salvation Army mannequin.


Style Credits:
Vintage Floral Print Dress [Bought by her Stylist at a Flea Market]
Vintage Gucci Belt
Roxanne Assoulin Earrings
Christian Louboutin Pumps

[Photo Credit: Dara Kushner/]

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