Things Get Fuzzy for Scarlett Johansson at the “Ghost in the Shell” Paris Premiere

Posted on March 22, 2017


In a probably vain attempt to momentarily embrace the gentler, kinder, precious unborn fawn parts of ourselves, we will open this post with loving, positive sentiments regarding Scarlett Johansson’s and her style choices.


You can’t say girlfriend’s not trying.



Sure, she’s wearing a Water Buffalo Lodge hat as a skirt, but at least she’s not generic.

To be fair, weird, eye-popping ensembles are exactly what she should be wearing on a press tour for a movie like this one. Sci-fi, fantasy and superhero films practically demand that their ladystars go weird for the poledance. Princess gowns would just look dumb in this context.

And to be even more fair, we really love the top and the boots. The former for being a truly unusual print and style for a red carpet (without looking fussy or awkward) and the latter because … well, come on. Those boots are fierce af. The bathmat skirt is hilarious, and we give her a lot of credit for going there. While we think the exuberant silhouette it provides is right on point for the off-beat vibe of the look, the furriness is just way too muppety.

And in typical Scar Jo fashion, she accessorized badly. Those First Lady button earrings are completely bizarre – made more so because they’re gold, when the look clearly calls for silver. They make the strangest choice. We can’t really wrap our heads around it. She looks exactly like she changed outfits and forgot to change her earrings. Then there’s the belt, which is pretty awesome on its own, but is clearly lost amid the noise of this outfit. Something much simpler would have made more sense.

But despite the nitpickery, we really do admire her for this choice, even if it does give her a big hairy butt.


Style Credits:
Azzedine Alaïa Ensemble with a Black and White Long-Sleeve Top and Black Feathered Skirt from the Fall 2016 Collection

[Photo Credit: ABACA/,]

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