The CW’s Superhero Stars come out for the “Heroes and Aliens” Presentation at PaleyFest LA

Posted on March 20, 2017

Darlings, the superhero stars of The CW came out in their … finest (?) in order to highlight and celebrate their collective work of saving the universe over and over again. It is a job that apparently does not leave a lot of time for style considerations, apparently.



Brandon Routh

Come ON, Brandon. What is with those ridiculous Pop-Pop dungarees you’re sporting, mister? The upper half of the outfit is okay, but just okay. It’s sloppy, colorless, and the fit does nothing for him. This is a guy who’s in pretty great shape, after all. We’re not asking for a skinny suit or anything, but there’s no reason for him to be swimming in his clothes like this.



Caity Lotz

We have to admit, we really love this. Sure, it looks a little bit like wallpaper in an Olive Garden, but the boldness is admirable – and it really suits her. We’ve always said she was one of those actors whose looks practically demanded she be cast as a superhero or comic book character. She looks like one – in the same way Lynda Carter or Chris Evans or Christopher Reeve just naturally look like a big-eyed, square-jawed, shiny-haired … drawing of an idealized white person. She’s also a lot of fun on the show. Everything about this look speaks to that boldness and sense of fun. It works for her, for what she’s selling, and for the venue in which she’s appearing.



Candice Patton

Oof. This, on the other hand, is … problematic. First, we have to focus on the one part that our eyes can’t seem to escape: the pointy suede matchy shoes. That’s just … why? It looks like a male figure skater’s outfit from the knees down. The bigger problem is that heavy, awkward neckline, which is visibly restricting her arms. That’s a deal-breaker.


Grant Gustin

This is cute to an almost ridiculous level. Truth be told, it comes off a little precious to us. Scoop neckline, Breton stripes, cuffed jeans, cartoon boots and a little cap? Honey, no. At least two of those items needed to be struck from the list.



Melissa Benoist

Mmmm. That’s way too literal for us. We tend not to designate ourselves the arbiters of what constitutes cultural appropriation, but this really does border on ethnic costume. The color, closures and footwear are where it all goes too far. If those aspects had been re-interpreted and she allowed the basic shape of the garment to remain, this might have worked for us.


[Photo Credit: Peter West/ACE Pictures/]

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