Style File: Scarlett Johansson Poledances for “Ghost in the Shell” in Seoul

Posted on March 20, 2017

Miss Scarlett has left the candlestick behind in the conservatory and launched herself out in the world to convince a significant enough portion of it to buy a ticket to her little show. If that’s not an invitation to judge the results, we don’t know what is, kittens. It’s practically engraved and addressed personally to you.

Especially since Miss Scar stayed true to her red carpet form. Which is to say … well, see for yourself:


Scarlett Johansson attends the official press conference for “Ghost in the Shell” in Seoul, South Korea.


Evidently, she was booked into one of those hotels that doesn’t allow mirrors. The irony here is that she’s sporting a couple of trends right now. The cut and color of the pants are very spring ’17, as are the neutral, patent leather strappy, low-heeled sandals. Even the suede belt is something of a thing (which is a sentence that only makes sense in the context of fashion, where one is encouraged to be vague, darlings). Putting them all together in one look – where the juxtapositions more or less destroy every piece – is a perfect way of highlighting how one should not approach style trends. Never three in one outfit. To be honest? We think two in any look is pushing it most times. But that’s us. It’s not a rule.

Anyway, nothing here works with anything else and that “It’s Friday and this is what I’ve got clean” office blouse is a sadness.

She did slightly better for the main event, but only slightly:


Scarlett Johansson attends the premiere of “Ghost in the Shell” in Seoul, South Korea.

Sigh. We guess so.

It’s not a terrible dress. The shape is fine and the leather detail gives it some interest. The top half’s kind of interesting in that it’s off the shoulder, but blouson, with a more substantial sleeve than we might have expected from a style like that. Like a lot of pale blondes, she looks good in black and can make it look dramatic rather than dull. But this is definitely not a dress that can do all the heavy lifting in a look. It’s got some good features, but it’s no head-turner on its own. The sleeves and the neckline don’t give much opportunity to load up on jewelry in those areas, so we’d have slapped some chandeliers on her and done up her face a lot more dramatically than that. That’s a day face. She needed a lip you can see from space to go with this look.




Style Credits:
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