Jennifer Lopez Walks In and Out of “The View” in High Style

Posted on March 02, 2017

Darlings, we’ve been locked into the world of the Oscars weekend red carpets and we’re just itching to get out into the street, get some sun on our face, and face the day — all so that we can go back inside and pound away on our little laptops all day about celebrity style choices. As is with so many things in life, we turn to J Lo for a solution.

Miss Lady has her little cop show to promote, but a diva doesn’t do things half-assed, so one stop on her promo tour required two eye-popping and highly coordinated looks; one for walking in, and one for walking out. Gotta love her.


Jennifer Lopez makes an appearance on “The View” to promote season 2 of “Shades of Blue” in New York City.

And thus does J Lo vault to the top of the heap of Celebrity Coat Porn looks. Leave it to her to find and wear that. It’s stunning and she looks amazing. Although frankly, we always raise an eyebrow at any fur coat that works so hard to not look like natural fur. Foregoing the ethical questions, it just never made sense to us from an aesthetic POV. If you want a fluffy, striped coat that looks like fake fur, why not just go for the fake fur, then?

This is a tiny little insignificant thing (which makes it largely undifferentiated from most of what we write about every day), but it’s nice to see a pair of black pumps with a little embellishment on them. We’ve been seeing an awful lot of very plain, business-like black pumps on celebrity feet of late, and while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with them, we always feel like it’s a missed opportunity to complete a look with a little flare. Ankle bracelets remain questionable, however.

But if the walking-in ensemble was memorable, the walking-out one is indelibly seared on our brains.


No, girl. No.

You walked in so well, but you’re walking out an overcoordinated, semi-tacky mess. We want to say that any of these items could be broken off from the herd and made into the starting point of a better look, but we can’t really convince ourselves. They all look so bad together that we can’t really see them as separate items. It’s just a mass of weirdly green-toned metallics, all thrown together. We all for an over-the-top style for a diva every now and then, but this is Edina Monsoon territory, girl.


Style Credits:

First Look: Lilly e Violetta Black and White Striped Mink Coat | Christian Louboutin Pump
Second Look: Jenny Packham Metallic Embroidered Coat from the Spring 2015 Collection | Dita Sunglasses | Saint Laurent Pussy Bow Blouse and Skirt | Jimmy Choo ‘Anouk’ Pump

[Photo Credit: Fameflynet]

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