Style Double Shot: Jennifer Beals

Posted on March 02, 2017

Apparently it’s now a thing to have walking-in and walking-out ensembles for your appearance on The View. Hey, you won’t hear any complaints from us. More fashion to judge all around. Miss Jennifer, who presumably decided some time ago that aging was for losers, is making the rounds with both a TV show and a film to promote.


“Taken” star Jennifer Beals makes an appearance on “The View” in New York City to promote the movie “Before I Fall.”

That’s quite a bit of look for daytime. We really love the soft pink coat. We even like the idea of pairing it with a bright red day dress. We’re just not feeling the lace aspect. It’s a fine dress. We just think there’d be slightly fresher options than this. Then again, it’s right on trend, so who are we to say what’s fresh (even if this trend is on it’s 5th or 6th year by now). And the pink shoes are just a bit precious in combination with everything else.

Gosh, we actually half-like this. We don’t mean to sound so grumpy about it.


Now this, we LOVE. In fact, it would have made a much better pairing with that pink coat than the red lace dress. The colors look fab on her. Again, though: not in love with pink shoes paired with this dress. We don’t think we have an issue with pink shoes per se, but neither of these ensembles felt quite right for them. The first one should’ve had black pumps and this one would’ve looked great with a either a teal/navy or oxblood shoe. But that’s just us.

We’re loving the turn toward more ’40s-inspired fashion lately, but we’re not the ladies who’ll have to deal with it on the racks. What do you say, gals. Feel like getting your classic Crawford on or would you rather let this style stay hanging on the rack?



[Photo Credit: Fameflynet]

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