Selena Gomez is a Drop of Sunlight in Oscar de la Renta at the “13 Reasons Why” Premiere

Posted on March 31, 2017


Darlings, we don’t know about the weather ’round your parts, but the skies outside T Lo Manor are gray and damp. Since it’s no fun to look up and see a gutter hanging over your heads, we need to find our sunshine elsewhere. As with so many of life’s most important moments, we turn now to the world of celebrity to give us what we need.


Ah. Thank you, celebrities. You’ve done it again.

Dress? Adorbs. So much so that we actually typed that egregious word out. But truly, it is very cute. If that was all to it, it might not have rated a mention, but it’s also bold and fun. It really is an unusual shade to see on the red carpet. We held back on using the word “chic” here because, much as we love the dress, the earrings and shoes strike us as very wrong for it. The former, because the last thing this look needed was more shades of orange; the latter, because first off, they’re velvet mules. That should be enough of a dealbreaker right there. Further, they’re the color of her skin. And worst of all, they’re paired with a metallic strapless cocktail dress. That makes no kind of sense at all.

But the dress is so fun and bright that it makes up for a lot. Maybe it doesn’t overcome the poor accessorizing, but it pulls a ton of focus away from it.

We’re gonna need a ruling on the orange eyeshadow. That would seem to be a very obvious NO to us, but … well really. You’re gonna have to convince us.


Style Credits:
Oscar de la Renta Orange Metallic Strapless Dress from the Fall 2017 Collection
Rebecca de Ravenel Earrings
Giuseppe Zanotti ‘Bridget‘ Leather and Velvet Mules

[Photo Credit: Sara De Boer/, IMAXTree,]

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