Scarlett Johansson Keeps it Basic at the “Ghost in the Shell” NY Premiere

Posted on March 30, 2017

Kittens, we have to give it to you straight, even though we are far from it. You see, sometimes we just have to bite the bullet and admit the unpleasant truth.

Sometimes, when we look at shots of a beautiful woman in a slinky gown all done up to the nines, like so…


…our first reaction is something along the lines of, “Meh. Looks like a sparkly beach towel.”

Darlings, it is at those times that we have to admit we are just a weensy bit jaded.

This is fine. Good, even. The design of the dress is very basic, but the stripes and colors take it a bit away from normal premiere red carpetry. It’s got a bold, graphic quality that works really well promoting this type of film. The only real technical crit of the look is that the bust is too tight. For such a slinky dress, it’s doing a not-so-hot job of showcasing her bust, which is at least partially the point of a gown like this on a woman built like her.

But the styling’s a little perfunctory, no? We love the hair, but it never feels like her team is making choices to help set it off. She rarely has the kind of makeup or earrings that kind of style calls for. Her face is underdone and her jewelry choices are puzzling. She needed danglies or cuffs on the ears and probably little else save a ring or two. The bracelets don’t make much sense to us here.

Basically, it’s a potentially dramatic dress, but very little was done to help make it look dramatic.



Style Credits:
Balmain Multicolored Striped Dress from the Spring 2017 Collection
Sophia Webster Effie Platform Pin Heel in Black

[Photo Credit: Jennifer Graylock/ , Getty Images]

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