Salma Hayek Can’t Stop her Salma-ness at the Balenciaga Fashion Show

Posted on March 06, 2017

Kittens, you may be fooled into thinking at first that Miss Salma did not manage to screw this one up.


At first.



But once again, when you consider the resources she has, and her standing as the Mrs. Fashion Lex Luthor, this doesn’t really come off all that well. We’ll start with the coat. Personally, it would not have been our rec to pair it with that dress, which could have benefited from having a richer, darker version of one of its colors pulled out and highlighted. A deep red, eggplant, or goldenrod color would have done fantastic things here. The white just comes off basic and safe; the kind of choice someone makes when they can’t figure out how to pair colors. But even that’s not the annoying part. No, the really eye-twitch-inducing part is the piss-poor way she’s got that thing belted. Sweetie, the first thing any budding fashionista learns is how to belt a trenchcoat with flair. That sloppy little knot is causing us to tsk.

Also, the white clutch paired with it doesn’t show much imagination at all.


But the worst part for us is the fashion-doll footwear choice. It’s truly awful. We don’t love this dress, but with some smart and mature styling choices, it could have been made to work. Fuchsia satin ankle straps were so bad a choice that we’re starting to wonder if this is all some sort of subtle rebellion on her part.



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