Rashida Jones’ Look at the Miami Film Festival Needs a Serious Zhuzh

Posted on March 08, 2017

We love Miss Rashida, but we’ve spilled a lot of imaginary ink railing against her sometimes puzzling style choices. Here’s what we don’t get about this one:


You’ve committed to a dress, you’ve committed to heels – why pick something so drab, then? It’s one thing if she didn’t feel this event required dressing up, but … isn’t she pretty much dressed up?

Here’s our style rec: The top half of the dress is fine. The problems as we see them are the awful hem and the lack of color or “thoughtful” (as Sir Tim of the Gunn would say) accessorizing. Hem that damn skirt, and put her in red patent sandals with a matching (that’s right; we said it) skinny belt. It’s not asking any more of her and it would look a lot more photogenic and, well… fun. This just gives off a heavy whiff of “perfunctory” even though it’s hardly effort-free.

Yes/No? Are we being too rough?



[Photo Credit: Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images]

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