The Power Rangers Go, Go to the Los Angeles Premiere

Posted on March 23, 2017

Darlings, here are your new Power Rangers. The Power Rangers of a New Generation, if you will. Since they are all largely unknown and this film could potentially kick off lucrative franchise opportunities for all of them, this was, in many ways, the most important red carpet of their careers so far.

And boy, did two of them really screw it up. See if you can tell, from the above image, which of these mighty morphers missed a major opportunity.



Dacre Montgomery

Kudos to him for picking a white suit, but we’re afraid his coloring isn’t friendly to it. And it’s a bit snug. And the brown accents make puzzling choices.



Naomi Scott in Chanel

Honey, no. More importantly … why? Why pick something so tricky and tough to wear for an event like this when you’re trying to make an impression? Don’t be dazzled by that Chanel label, girl.


And now, the Power Rangers who appear to know what they’re doing, Mr. Ludi Lin, Miss Becky G ,and Mr. RJ Cyler:


Ludi Lin


Becky G in Maria Lucia Hohan

RJ Cyler

AKA, the Black Power Ranger, the Yellow Power Ranger and the Blue Power Ranger. Why Dacre (Red Power Ranger) isn’t wearing a red suit and Naomi (Pink) a pink dress – since both colors are very much on trend in men’s suiting and womenswear right now  –  escapes us. Seriously, this makes no sense. We definitely don’t think actors of action or superhero franchises should literally come out in costume, but these heroes are all based around colors and these actors are complete unknowns. At least for the first premiere, put them in their corresponding colors. It would have made for a much more buzzworthy group shot and the fans would have gone nuts for it on social media.

Honestly, must we tell Hollywood how to do everything?

Style crits: Becky’s gown’s a bit on the grandiose side and RJ’s whites don’t quite match, so the style’s not quite a hundred percent, but Ludi’s look is killer. Love the leather lapels and the lightning bold.

Is it us, or is there a lot of alliteration in this post?

Anyway, good job, you last three. Step it up, Red and Pink.



[Photo Credit: Sara De Boer/, Peter West/ACE PICTURES/, Getty Images]

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