Pop Style Opinionfest: T Lo’s 100th Podcast Listener Mailbag Extravaganza!

Posted on March 24, 2017

Darlings, because we would be nothing without our Bitter Kittens, we celebrated the occasion of our ONE HUNDREDTH PODCAST (which is not a goal one ever sets for one’s life, but is still, strangely, something to be proud of when you reach it, to your immense surprise), by turning the direction of the show to you. We put out a call to the kittens on social media to drop us a line and ask us anything they wanted to. And bless their inquisitive, nosy little hearts, the kittens came up with some good ones.

From who we’d love to style to what our next book is about to what we don’t like about the way the other one dresses to what a sample size actually is to what we think about discount retail fusion lines to who should win a Best Actress Emmy next year – and tons more. We take them all on and answer them as honestly and accurately as we can.




It’s an EXTRAVAGANZA of T Lo. Our very first Very Special Episode, complete with hugs and tears at the end. And we literally couldn’t do it without you guys.


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