Pop Style Opinionfest: Oscars Controversies & Classic Hollywood

Posted on March 03, 2017


It’s the gayest, bloggiest podpourri of topics this week, kittens! And it’s also one of our simplest and most direct podcasts.

First, we tackle the two controversies that swirled around the 89th Academy Awards, the Meryl vs. Karl war and “EnvelopeGate.” About the former, we have much to say, including an extended conversation about paid red carpetry, how it’s more common than the public generally understands, and how we think this particular Oscars may have had the highest number of paid-to-wear gowns of any we can remember. As for the Great Envelope Bungle of 2017, we’re of two minds on this one. One of us took a much more hardline approach about the repercussions than the other, who argued that too much is being made of simple human error and an internet-fueled outrage culture needs to calm the hell down about it. Then we started slapping each other and pulling hair.

Not really. But we did agree that any “savior” tropes certain writers wanted to layer over that tale? T Lo are NOT having it.

We also give our picks for the best dressed of the night (and we don’t agree much on that point either) and launch into a semi-detailed and totally non-spoilery review of the first 5 episodes of FEUD: Bette and Joan.



Which we can already tell you now, we will be covering EXTENSIVELY. This one pushed ALL our buttons.





So by all means, darlings, dive in. The water’s fine – and loaded with opinions! Also, thank you once again for even paying the slightest bit of attention to our silly, frivolous selves. Luvyameanit.


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