Pop Style Opinionfest: Fashion, Feminism, Fire Island & Fur

Posted on March 10, 2017

Kittens, our little two-queen kaffeeklatsch is even more erratic than usual this week. You may be used to our podpourri approach when we don’t have one over-riding topic to discuss, but because pop culture is at a lull at the moment, and there’s only so much you can say about Paris Fashion Week without visual aids, we basically went to town on a whole bunch of little topics. From the ” A Day Without a Woman” protest, and how both the fashion and celebrity worlds (not to mention us) chose to deal with it, to the differences between Paris and New York Fashion Week, to the trends currently coming our of PFW (and the celebrities attending them) to the rise of fur in fashion again and how each of us feels about that, which is complicated.

And just so we don’t get too serious, we spend a decent amount of time rolling our eyes at this:




But also rolling our eyes at some of the semi-hysterical responses to it in the gay press.

Plus: Reader mailbag! “T Lo, why do certain designers dominate awards seasons and others never make a showing?”

Our scintillating answer follows!




Once again, it’s all there; all the laughter and tears, bitchery and fake humility, all in our cartoon voices, which we can’t believe you listen to every week and for which we can’t thank you enough. Dive in, dolls!



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[Photo Credit: Logo, IMAXTree – Video Credit: CBS Radio/Play it, Logo via YouTube.com]

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