Oscars 2017: Felicity Jones Puzzles Us Even Further in Erdem at the Vanity Fair Party

Posted on March 01, 2017

Yesterday, when we were taking a look at Miss Felicity’s dress for the Oscars ceremony, we found ourselves asking lots of questions that began with “Why?” It was all variations on the same theme of “Why on earth did you pick such a drab, dishwater-colored frock for the biggest night of the year?” But now that we’ve got a fuller picture of that night, we have a new question that overrides all previous questions we had for her. Namely:



Sorry for the yelling, but sometimes you’ve just gotta get real. Look at this:

Is it us or is that not a seriously spectacular gown that looks slightly unique and suits her to a T? The answer is yes. The deep indigo, the high collar and puff sleeves that end with a cute cuff at the elbow, the restrained use of embellishments, the surprising shift in color near the hem – it’s all really well designed and just different enough to be head-turning on a night like this. We would’ve loved to have seen this in the daylight of the Oscars red carpet.

Of course there’s a very good reason why she wore an ugly Dior to the Oscars and much more fabulous dress to the lesser-mediated event: $$$$$

We’re not slinging accusations or anything. After the brouhaha between Meryl & Karl, the issue of paid red carpetry is more in the forefront than it’s ever been before. The fact of the matter is, it’s the biggest red carpet audience of the year and many houses pay many stars many dollars to wear their goods. Maybe Felicity really loved that awful Dior much more than this stunner, but we find it hard to believe. No one says, “I’ll wear the unflattering dress to the main event and the gorgeous gown to the after-party.”



Style Credits:
Erdem Embroidered Gown from the Fall 2017 Collection

[Photo Credit: Vince Flores/startraksphoto.com, Getty Images, IMAXTree]

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