Oscars 2017: Elizabeth Banks Sums up the State of Fashion at the Vanity Fair Party

Posted on March 01, 2017

We tried really hard to like this; partially out of goodwill toward Lizzie and her Effie Trinket-like way of approaching the red carpet and partially because our prediction for bold, bright colors on the Oscars red carpet never came true, to our disappointment.



But we can’t. Sorry, Lizzie. First, the applique on the bottom is garishly bright. It doesn’t help that it’s featured on a metallic gold gown, but we’ve been trying to picture it on a bunch other color backgrounds – black, white, blue, silver -and none of them work. We’re all for color in fashion, but hyper-saturated Easter basked color stories aren’t what we had in mind. And while we’re at it, we don’t love the heavy, men’s style belt on a dress like this. We don’t love the mostly sheer skirt. And we REALLY don’t love the craft store explosion happening on each of her shoulders.

We really seem to be using this word a lot lately, but this is just too tacky. And it really says something about what’s coming off the runways lately if we’re using that word to describe something Elizabeth Banks is wearing. She’s not someone who’s perfect in her style record, but we don’t think we’ve ever looked at something she chose and wondered about her taste. Not that we do now; just that it’s indicative of how flashy and somewhat tired the current state of high fashion is. It really is time to break away from all the sheers and over-embellishment.



Style Credits:
Elie Saab Embellished Gown from the Fall 2016 Couture Collection
Fernando Jorge Jewelry
Jimmy Choo Clutch
Sophia Webster Sandals

[Photo Credit: Vince Flores/startraksphoto.com, Getty Images, IMAXTree]

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