Oscars 2017: Alicia Vikander Helps us Confront our Lacism at the Vanity Fair Party

Posted on March 01, 2017

Kittens, we can’t even tell you how much this dress shocked us.


Now, you’re probably thinking we’re just a couple of histrionic queens and you’d be right in that, but this really did surprise the hell out of us. Why? Because it’s both a Louis Vuitton AND a lace gown – and we love it. Long-time kittens know that neither of these things are likely to pass our eye without at least a few bitchy complaints. In short, we’ve been complaining about both Louis Vuitton’s recent output and lace gowns for a really long time.

So, why do we love this one? Well, we’ll tell you after you take it all in and try to guess, because we’re all about being as interactive af around here:


First and most important: It’s an unusual shape for a modern lace gown, most of which are very form-fitting with a tendency toward flares and ruffles. This is a simple A-line, from waist to floor. It makes for an elegant, unfussy effect. Second, the lace is well chosen and utilized. It’s a beautiful color and no one succumbed to the temptation to bead it, shred it, or break it up with sheer portions or cutouts. The only embellishment is well-chosen: the gold needles around the neckline and down the back. It’s dramatic, glamorous and unexpected. Third, it has the kind of neckline you rarely see on the red carpet these days and almost never in a lace dress: a high one, accompanying a perfect low, sexy back. Fourth, the pale blue contrasting thread and what looks like a navy blue velvet underdress make unusual but appealing additions to the design.

It just really comes together nicely because of a set of thoughtful and unusual design decisions rendered with real subtlety. More of this from the house of LV, please.  She should’ve worn this one to the ceremony. It photographs much better than the black lace.



Style Credits:
Custom Louis Vuitton Emerald Green Long-Sleeve Dress
Bulgari Jewelry

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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