Nick Jonas Is Discussion-Worthy at the V Magazine Dinner Party

Posted on March 08, 2017



We’re debating whether to temper our natural inclination to be bitchy here or not.


One half of T Lo let slip that he found Nicky Tryhard “adorable” and thus, any subsequent discussion of his fashion choices here is rendered null and void on account of rage and jealousy matters.

Not really. It’s just that he’s wearing a turtleneck and we are both in agreement that every man who attempts to wear a turtleneck in public should be jailed.

Okay, no. We’re still fucking with you. It’s just that we DO hate the male turtleneck 99 times out of 100, and we know, from nearly 11 years of publicly, bloglicly stating our thoughts on the sweater foreskin, that said sentiments do tend to get met with a little bit of outrage. Boys, wear your little neck socks with pride and glee. We don’t like them, and we’ll be over here in the corner telepathically signaling to each other our dislike in that way only decades-long couples can, but we would never dream of being rude or dogmatic about it.


That’s a beautiful coat, but we can’t say we love the cut; the way it sort of flares out in front.


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