The Men of CinemaCon 2017 – Let’s Judge Them

Posted on March 30, 2017

Line up, boys. We have critical things to say about your grooming and style choices. Won’t that be fun for you?



Charlie Hunnam

Nothing here needs to change.


It’s very casual, and many of the male attendees do put a tiny bit more effort in than this, but it’s very much his default look and there is no denying he looks cute/hot in it.


Chris Pine

We don’t love the buzz cut on him, but it’s actually an improvement over his recent grooming choices, which aged him up by two decades. We still think he dresses like a man in late middle age, but at least he doesn’t look like one anymore.



Dave Franco and Justin Theroux

Franco’s a bit too dressed up. Theroux’s wearing his yawn of a uniform.



Nick Jonas

Meh. Our first impulse is to say it’s a little too on the “sports bar” side of casual, but it’s no more so than Charlie Hunnam’s ensemble. It’s just that Charlie’s had a little more style and he looked cuter in it. This is fine. Whatever. At least he’s not trying too hard.


Ryan Gosling

Ditto everything we just said about Nicky Tryhard. Casual is fine, but try and wear something that photographs a little better than this. Those work shoes with that 1987 jean jacket and a hoodie is a collection of items that make little sense together.

We miss when Ryan Gosling didn’t work so hard to hide the hotness. We sense Miss Eva’s hand.



Tom Holland

It’s fine. Again. The jacket’s nice. Another instance of slightly odd footwear worn with a casual outfit.



[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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