Maisie Williams is too Much at the Miu Miu Fall 2017 Fashion Show

Posted on March 07, 2017


Young lady, you have gone entirely too far this time.


And we LOVE it.

Technically, and to be totally accurate about it, we actually hate those shoes and think they look kind of ridiculous. But then we considered that we also think wearing a pearl tiara with a leather mini-skirt is ridiculous and decided that ridiculousness was at least partially the point.

What threw us off was the outfit itself, which we love. It doesn’t really call for the kinds of silly styling choices she’s made here, but again, we have to concede that it may be the whole point. You’re only young once and for most of us, there are limited number of times we’re going to get to sit front row at a Paris fashion show (meaning never), so we can’t really harrummph too hard about this one. Enjoy yourself, girl.

But if you show up on a red carpet wearing those silly things on your feet, we will unsheathe the claws.



[Photo Credit: Julien Reynaud/ABACA/]

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