Kris Jenner, Showing The World Once Again She Can’t Style

Posted on March 16, 2017

“I cannot believe,” Tom said dramatically (for 6 am), “That you are even showing me these pictures. I’m always the one trying to convince you that we should be covering more of that tacky little corporate clan.”

“I know,” Lorenzo said sheepishly. “But Jesus Christ, she looks so ridiculous.”

“Well why do you think I’m always asking to cover them? It sure as hell isn’t to do the snaps-and-neckroll thing at them. We judge, sweetie; remember? Reality TV, fashion, and people we love to hate! Isn’t that what we got into blogging for? ”

“Jumping Jehoshaphat!” cried Lorenzo. “You’re right again, Tom! How could I have doubted you?”

[Co-Publisher’s Note: One of the above sentences is a complete fabrication. I know you’re all smart enough to figure out which.]


Anyway, here she is; a silly woman in a silly dress:

A silly dress that she managed to make sillier, bless her. Please note that Cavalli, not exactly known for being the most tasteful of houses (see above for confirmation) actually styled this on the model more demurely than Kris did. It’s fully lined in the look book. And while we maintain that it’s a silly dress no matter what (although we wouldn’t mind seeing someone like, say, Zendaya take a crack at it), it’s made even worse with the addition of black tights and boots. Not with lace, dear. And especially not with partially lined gold lace, for Jesus’ sake. It looks unbalanced. And it just screams “I don’t know how to style this.”


Style Credits:
Robert Cavalli Tiered Lace Bell-Sleeve Mini Dress in Gold
Gucci Bag

[Photo Credit: Vince Flores/,]

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