Jessica Chastain Makes Us Sigh, in Alexander McQueen at “The Zookeeper’s Wife” Premiere

Posted on March 28, 2017


We’re sighing, kittens. Not just writing it, but actually doing it. Dramatically, of course.


Why are we sighing? Because we see another pretty great dress made less great by an unnecessarily wide and plunging neckline. And we’re sighing more than usual because every time we make this crit, we feel like we’re being total prudes about it. Miss Lady is more than welcome to show off her spectacular rack as much and as often as she wants. Brava to all that. But the heaviness of the fabric, the sleevelessness, the thick black trim – to our eyes, it all “asks” for a slightly less distracting neckline than that; one that responds to the heaviness of the skirt by balancing the top with just the right ratio of fabric to skin.


In other news, as pretty as that textile is, it sure doesn’t read “springtime” to us. And can we please place a moratorium on the NY Socialite center-part hair on the red carpet? We feel like it’s become a shorthand way for stars to look sophisticated.



Style Credits:
Alexander McQueen Green Dress with Floral Velvet Detail and Plunging Neckline
Piaget Jewelry
Charlotte Olympia Shoes

[Photo Credit: Vince Flores/, Getty Images]

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