Jenna Elfman Demands Your Attention on the Way Into “Good Morning America”

Posted on March 30, 2017

Stop, everyone. Stop what you’re doing and look at Jenna Elfman for a moment. She’s working so very hard to get you to do so that we think it would be cruel to deny her this payoff. So, put whatever you’re doing aside for a second and just take some time to consider Jenna Elfman.


Aren’t you glad you did? Didn’t this lift your spirits (by causing you to laugh long and hard) and make you wonder “Gosh, what is Jenna Elfman all about, anyway?”

Apparently, she’s all about this:







Well alrighty, then. That explains the outfit. Girlfriend’s gonna have to work overtime to make that look like a winner, almost literal clown clothes it is. We suspect she’ll start carrying around a little airhorn for sound effects.


[Photo Credit: FameFlynet Pictures]

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