Jason Sudeikis Gets it Wrong at the “Colossal” New York Premiere

Posted on March 29, 2017


It’s funny, we both blurted out our annoyance with this look before articulating why we were annoyed. Turns out, it was for two different reasons.



We’ll say this first: It’s a look. While it’s the usual male celeb red carpetry of jeans and sneakers, this is not, we would argue, a half-assed attempt. Things were thought out and paired up. A certain image or style is intentionally being curated. Hipster Dad, Who Also Happens to Be a Movie Star. That’s the brief. And that’s all good. He’s settled on a style and an image and he’s been very consistent about it, which makes it come across like a personal choice and not just a branding one.

But as we said, there were two objections to this look and we’re just gonna state them and let y’all hash out whether they’re accurate and fair crits, or whether it’s all good from where you’re sitting. Here goes:

Tom: It’s entirely too precious. Yes, it’s pretty much how he dresses in real life, but the hat, the rumpled cardigan and the undone tie all seem like such affectations.

Lorenzo: He knew Anne Hathaway wasn’t going to be showing up in jeans. It’s another example of a male star thinking it’s perfectly fine to stand next to a female colleague at a work event wearing jeans and sneakers while she’s in a gown, full makeup and heels, because that’s what’s expected of her. He couldn’t put on grownup shoes?

T & Lo (simultaneously): And his collar is filthy. Ew.



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