Jake Gyllenhaal and Rebecca Ferguson Suffer Through the “Life” London Photo Call

Posted on March 16, 2017

This poledance is looking increasingly like another celebrity hostage situation.


Oof. That’s a lot of bad under two exhausted and over-it faces. We are not inclined to run to Fandango to check out ticket times right now.


At the risk of pissing off some of the more … ardent Jake Gyllenhaal fans out there (again), we’re just gonna have to stick to our guns and say, New York play or no, this is a pretty piss-poor effort for a London premiere red carpet. And it makes not a damn bit of sense because he wore a tight suit to a photo call the other day, when a complete reversal of both outfits would’ve made them more appropriate.

Edit: Oh, boy. We referred to some mislabeled pictures and mistakenly thought this was a premiere, instead of the photo call it was. We apologize profusely for ruining Jake Gyllenhaal’s life and possibly the lives of countless of his fans. 

This is such a guy-on-the-red-carpet cliche, from the t-shirt to the hobo boots. He knew she’d be standing there in a dress and heels, most likely. He owed her the courtesy of dressing to the same level. Imagine if, at every professional event in your career, the men all got a pass for showing up in jeans while you were expected to show up in a dress and heels.  It ain’t right.


Not even when the dress is as hiddy as this one.


We just can’t with a gown that has a clerical turtleneck for a collar. The rest of it isn’t bad, although we don’t particularly love the textile. But man, when we get to the shoes, it’s like watching a building demolition. The whole thing collapses in on itself. The somewhat harsh head styling doesn’t help either, nor do the odd matching chains on the wrist. What a weirdly conceived look overall.



We swear they’re all, “Just don’t go see this one, okay?” She is furious with someone in the middle distance and he’s disappointed in someone a little closer, it would seem.



[Photo Credit: Doug Peters/PA Images/INSTARimages.com]

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