Heidi Klum Serves Up Heidi Klum Realness at the iHeartRadio Music Awards

Posted on March 07, 2017


We had to laugh when we saw this ensemble:


Not because there’s anything inherently funny about anything she’s wearing. In fact, it’s a pretty great dress for her, as well as for the venue. Personally, we’d have put her in some lace-up sandals to give it some oomph, but if she wants to go naked in her shoe choice, we can’t get worked up over it.

No, we laughed because it’s such a clear example of the strength of Heidi’s style approach. As we’ve said many times over the last decade, girlfriend isn’t chic, but she sure as hell knows what works for her. Basically, this outfit is like so many other successful Heidi Klum looks. It works because if you were a costume designer for a movie and you had to come up with something for a character described as “German super-model,” this is pretty much exactly what you’d come up with. It’s almost literally Heidi Klum cosplay at this point. And we’re, frankly, impressed by its shelf life. We’d have predicted a need for a change by now, but if it’s working (if not exactly WERQing), who are we to argue?



Style Credits:
Redemption Black and White Sequin Stripe Mini Dress from the Spring 2017 Collection
Giuseppe Zanotti Black Sandals

[Photo Credit: Jesse Grant/Getty Images]

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