Friday Red Carpet Leftovers for the Week of March 13, 2017

Posted on March 17, 2017

Darlings, the funny thing about this week’s leftovers is that it’s a shockingly good roster of people and outfits. Seriously. We don’t even know what we were thinking, except to fall back on the “Feud Style” made us tired excuse. It’s weird, but this may be the least critical leftovers post we ever did. There isn’t one bad look in the lot.

And then there’s Sienna Miller at the end, of course.




Armie Hammer

Supercute semi-cazh. The kicks make a perfect touch.



Danai Gurira

Gorgeous. Love the choice of gray suede pumps, which seem more sophisticated somehow.



Debra Messing

Not so much. The dress is kind of dowdy.



Emma Watson in 3.1 Phillip Lim

Love. This is what she had on under the coat.



Freida Pinto in Amanda Wakeley

A little on the plain side – and a little tight – but not bad overall.



Gemma Arterton in Michael Kors Collection

Love it – but no one seems to know what kind of shoe to pair with that hem. It seems the tendency is to go clunky right now, but we always think something delicate would work better; some strappy little sandal.



James McAvoy

James would like you to notice how tight all his clothes are right now.



Jessica Stroup in Michael Kors Collection

Really cute dress, but considering how close it is to her natural coloring, she could’ve used that dreaded cliche, the pop of color. Earrings, bangle or bag, girlfriend needed something bright and rich to counter all the brown.




Julie Bowen

We will never understand why women get talked into this “my boobs are melting into my arms” style.  Aside from that, this works, we guess. Love the pendant action.



Ruth Wilson in Michael Kors Collection

ADORABLE. Kors had a very good red carpet week, didn’t he? Even if we were lazy-asses about it.



Ryan Gosling

Nothing wrong with that, except we’ve seen it from him a lot.



Sarah Paulson

She’s working that Witchy Woman vibe a lot lately. Great head styling, but that’s a church lady dress.



Sienna Miller

We joke about Miss Sienna, but this isn’t the worst thing we’ve ever seen. We’ll never be big fans of suspenders on women (just looks painful), but this would work if she wore a crisp button-down shirt instead of a flesh-colored turtleneck.




[Photo Credit: Kristin Callahan/ACE Pictures/INSTARimages, Nils Jorgensen/, Adam Nemser/, Getty Images]

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