Emma Watson Goes Dark at the “Beauty and the Beast” NY Screening: IN or OUT?

Posted on March 14, 2017

We feel like we’ve been ragging on Miss Emma a lot through this poledance and we’re about to do more of the same.


This isn’t some horror show; some fashion disaster that will lead to histrionic wails and cries from us as if someone threw a baseball at our crotches. But we looked at this in the early morning hours, then looked at each other, then looked back at this, then sat in silence for a few minutes, which was finally ended by Tom muttering what would be the most assessment we could wring out of this frock:

“So not fabulous.”

It’s … okay, we suppose. But it’s just not saying “My huge Disney Princess movie is opening.” We don’t know… We truly don’t expect her to come out in yellow ball gowns all the time – or at all. We don’t think she needs to turn to almost-literal princess gowns to sell this flick, but this honestly looks like something the spouse of an honoree wears to a hospital benefit or something. It is without oomph, which it sorely needs.

We suppose the tricky bodice is meant to be the interesting part, but it’s just not up to the task. Anyway, enough of our bitching. It’s clear we’re underwhelmed, but we’re giving you guys the final word on this one.

Emma Watson’s Black Nothing Gown:

IN or OUT?


Yeah, we stacked the deck with that question. We were going to call it her “Boring AF Gown,” so this was us being fair-minded.




Style Credits:
Givenchy Black Gown with Sheer Detail

[Photo Credit: INSTARimages.com, Getty Images]

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