Demi Lovato introduces a Bold New Fashion Concept at the Kids’ Choice Awards

Posted on March 13, 2017

Girl, what even IS this?


SERIOUSLY? We’re putting thigh slits in pants legs now? This is not a thing that’s supposed to be happening. This is an unholy event.

It’s also really stupid. We’re trying to come up with the selling point for a jumpsuit with a thigh-high slit. “All the sexiness of a dress with none of the convenience when you have to pee!”

It needs work. The same can’t be said for this jumpsuit. There is no power or force in nature that could turn this ill-begotten garment into something that makes sense.


It needs to be burned immediately and the earth beneath it salted for a generation.

A JUMPSUIT. With a SLIT. That is quite possible the WORST fashion concept ever devised. It’s so bad that we never got a word in about the sheer shittiness of that bodice.

The shoes are fun, at least. Of course they don’t go with the jumpsuit at all, but that is quite clearly the least of this look’s problems.



Style Credits:
Halston Heritage Jumpsuit from the Spring 2017 Collection

[Photo Credit: Vince Flores/, Getty Images]

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