Demi Lovato Does a Bomber Run on “Good Morning America”

Posted on March 21, 2017


What’s not to love about a pink floral bomber suit, darlings?


That’s fun.

Admittedly, the fit’s a little tight (which is her way), and the print is not entirely to our tastes, plus the pumps feel kind of business-like – but the basic concept is pretty cute. We love the idea of a bomber jacket paired with a pencil skirt. We might quibble with the details, but this made us smile when we saw it. More importantly, it clearly made her smile. Girlfriend’s feeling it.

How would you style this? We’re not feeling the top either. Personally, we don’t think black accents were the way to go. You need to springtime this mother up. What color and type of footwear and top would you pick? White top/yellow-orange open-toed pumps?

Also, this isn’t quite “Get the look for less!” but Lorenzo did a fine job picking out some spectacular bombers for all you little trend-seekers out there.



[Photo Credit: FameFlynet Pictures]

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