Chloë Sevigny is Full of Ideas at the Metrograph Anniversary Party

Posted on March 09, 2017

Darlings, meet Miss Chloe’s latest red carpet alter, Margeaux.


Margeaux fancies herself an inventor and takes the occasion of her red carpet invitations to attempt to sell her most recent designs. Here, she models her soon-to-fail attempt to redesign the modern bra, which she calls TitPockets, a name that will drive investors away almost as much as the design’s clear inability to provide any support.

Margeaux is also modeling the “WTF R MY KEYZ” snap-on key-ring and earring set, which she will mistakenly and foolishly attempt to market as a handy problem-solver for drunks and people suffering from dementia who often misplace their keys.

Margeaux will go home tonight without having secured even the slightest potential of an investor for either of her designs. She will, however, go on to use the occasion of this night’s humiliations to develop the “FUCK ALL Y’ALL I’M OUT OF HERE” app as a way for obnoxious and embarrassed drunks to exit a social gathering under the pretense of keeping their dignity.



Style Credits:
J. W. Anderson Silver Long-Sleeve Dress with Pocket Detail from the Fall 2017 Collection
Louis Vuitton Essential V Earring

[Photo Credit: Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images, IMAXTree]

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