Anya Taylor-Joy and Dane DeHaan for W Magazine

Posted on March 16, 2017

Anya Taylor-Joy and Dane DeHaan cover the April 2017 issue of W Magazine photographed by Paolo Roversi and Craig McDean.


“I can morph from one person to another really quickly.” With her taut physique and unconventional beauty, Taylor-Joy exudes the magnetic power of a silent movie star, which has made her Hollywood’s new scream queen, the star of new horror blockbusters ‘The Witch and Split.’ It’s also why she is a vision in haute couture in W’s new issue.

On fashion: “Growing up, I was a real tomboy, and I was not aware of fashion,” Taylor-Joy says. “I wore my brothers’ clothes and whatever my mom bought me. I rarely looked in the mirror.” Modeling, and acting, changed all that. “When I had my first fitting, it frightened me because I felt so unlike me. I didn’t know how to wrap myself around the idea of looking beautiful. Now, I relish the idea of getting dressed up.”

On her role in ‘M. Night Shyamalan’s Split’: “Playing Casey taught me to value being quiet,” she says of her character in the film. “A lot of the acting was based on stage direction rather than dialogue, so I really discovered how much I could communicate with my face.” Casey, she adds, “is an outsider with a deep internal wall. She stores information.”

Up next is ‘Thoroughbred,’ playwright Cory Finley’s first feature film, which premiered to great acclaim at the Sundance Film Festival in January. Taylor-Joy plays Lily, a girl of much privilege and few morals who teams up with a friend to lure an outcast into killing her stepfather. “Lily is a toxic character, but more by nurture than nature—she has been warped that way,” says Taylor-Joy. “The biggest challenge is playing an awful human being and keeping the audience on your side despite that.”

Because of his youthful countenance, DeHaan (who is 31) played high-school students well into in his 20s. “I like that I had to get in great shape for ‘Spider- Man,’” he said. “I had never been asked to be healthy before. And I loved when they flew me to New Zealand to be fitted for the Green Goblin suit. They had to bolt me in and unbolt me to get me out of it. It was head-to-toe suffocation, but in the best way.”

“I’ve always looked young,” he said. “I mean, I was carded yesterday. I always have to remember to bring my ID. If I don’t, it can be a huge bummer. . . I’m happy to report that it has been about a year since I was carded at an R-rated movie. Things are looking better.”

His infatuation with the technical aspects of blockbuster-superhero filmmaking served DeHaan well on Valerian, which was shot in Paris. “I was there for six months,” DeHaan said. Most of the production involved a blue screen, which forced DeHaan to imagine the alien monsters and special effects that Besson would be adding later. “It was definitely challenging,” he recalled. “But, in some ways, acting like that becomes more childlike. You have to go back to when you were playing pretend and had only your vivid imagination. Luckily, I can still tap into that.”

On moving to Williamsburg, Brooklyn: “I didn’t like the pressure of L.A. I plan to do this job forever, but L.A. can influence you, and I didn’t want the ‘industry’ to change what interested me. So we moved back. I’m much happier in New York.”





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[Photo Credit: Paolo Roversi, Craig McDean/Courtesy of W Magazine, IMAXTree, Courtesy of Givenchy]

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