Amy Schumer Awards Goldie Hawn the Cinema Icon Award at CinemaCon

Posted on March 31, 2017

Mother and child reunion:


Our first impulse was to complain about the funeral dresses. We could’ve praised them for coordinating, but “I’m wearing black.” is about the extent of it here, which is not some impressive feat of style simpatico. But then we noted, with increasing surprise, all the details of Miss Amy’s look and it slowly dawned on us that this is, quite possibly, the best dress she’s ever worn. It’s not cutting-edge fashion by any means, but the shape, proportions and fit are all dead-on for her. It just needs some edits to be perfect. What edits specifically, you ask? Why, we’re glad you did: Render that same dress in a bold blue or deep red, get her out of those sandals (which are not her friends) and into a pair of kitten heels with a little shimmer to them, toss the zipped-out-of-luggage clutch for something in a contrasting color (that looks a skosh more expensive than that), and blow out the hair a little. Done. Chic and gorgeous.

Miss Goldie has earned the right to do whatever she wants. This is not a great dress as far as we’re concerned, but her ability to work it is still hitting on all cylinders, so kudos to you, lady.






[Photo Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]

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