Sarah Paulson Does Her Style Thing at the Oscar Wilde Awards, But Dialed Back & Sexy

Posted on February 24, 2017

This is low-key SP:

It’s a look that checks off her style boxes. It has a tiny bit of hardness to it, it sports an eye-catching pattern (love the subtle scale of that leopard print), and it comes with some kickass footwear. All of that’s right inside her wheelhouse and her comfort zone. But we extra-dig this one because it’s got a quiet chicness to it that we don’t always find with Miss Sarah’s style choices.

It helps that she looks so freaking fabulous as a brunette and that she can work a hard-as-nails red lip like no one’s business. But the sleek hair and the insanely focus-pulling lips are the real heavy-lifters here. They go perfectly with the ever-so-slight kitten-with-a-whip vibe of the ensemble.

Seriously, that’s a lip that demands you leave kiss marks on someone’s bathroom mirror before you grab your panties purse and leave for the night.


[Photo Credit: Milla Cochran/]

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