Salma Hayek Guccis it up at the Gucci Fall 2017 Show

Posted on February 23, 2017

When you read some version of the phrase “Salma Hayek attends the Gucci Fall 2017 Show,” you expect a certain level of … trainwreck, if you will. Madame Gucci suffers from an excess of options from a brand that is currently smoking crack (if you will) and thus has established for herself something of a reputation (at least among the employees of T Lo International) for being a world class fashion victim.

What we’re trying to say here is “Brace yourself.”



But it turns out? This is … not a disaster! We actually dislike practically everything about the design, from the bow to the sleeves to the placement of the embroidery to the overall childlike “party dress” vibe. But it honestly could’ve been so much worse that we found ourselves breathing sighs of relief when we saw the whole ensemble. We don’t like it, but we’re not mortally offended by it, like so much of Gucci nowadays.


Style Credits:
Gucci Embroidered Dress with Pearl Detail and Black Velvet Bow
Gucci Sunglasses
Gucci Bag
Gucci Black Leather Platform Pumps

[Photo Credit: Riccardo Giordano Sicki/IPA/, Simone Comi/IPA/]

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