Oscars 2017: Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel Seek Attention

Posted on February 28, 2017


Can we just take a moment before we rip into their style choices to note that Justin Timberlake’s need to be loved and paid attention to reached new and heretofore unseen heights on Oscar night? That opening number was obnoxious enough but he must have mentioned he was doing the opening number and that we should all remain in our seats to pay attention to it about 30 times on the red carpet. Often unprompted. Robin Roberts or Ryan Seacrest would be trying to get some info out of Oatbiel about her dress and he’d just grab the mike and yell “MAKE SURE YOU WATCH ME SING THE SONG FROM ‘TROLLS!!!!'”


And now for some totally objective and coldly clinical assessing of their style choices.


He’s fine, but the white nationalist haircut isn’t looking so fresh these days.



We railed against this on the twitters at the time, but the dress itself isn’t bad for an Oscars ceremony. It’s just slightly eyebrow-raising coming from someone who isn’t presenting or nominated or even affiliated with any of the nominated films.


We’re all for ladystars grabbing the spotlight when they can, but this was a little heavyhanded.


Worse, it was badly styled. That severe hair doesn’t do much for her and doesn’t really go with such an exuberantly glam gown. But that poor choice pales in comparison to the necklace, which is so bad a choice for that gown that it’s making our eyelid twitch.


Talk about bad instincts. Pairing that necklace with that gown ensured that neither of them got to shine the way they were meant to. All they do is fight each other for dominance now.



Whatever. They bug.


Style Credits:
Kaufmanfranco Shredded Sequin-Embellished Long-Sleeve Dress from the Resort 2017 Collection
Tiffany & Co. Jewelry
Tom Ford Tuxedo

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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