Oscars 2017: Janelle Monáe Owns Everything

Posted on February 27, 2017

She not only owns everything, she wore it all out last night:


It’s impossible to predict where Miss Janelle is going to go with her style choices, except that it’s going to be predominantly black and white. She got fairly cray over the pre-Oscars week and its various parties and luncheons. Our thinking was that she was getting a lot out of her system so she could settle down into a standard B&W princess gown for prom night. As you can see, we were only partially right. It is a princess gown and it’s mostly black and white, but there’s nothing standard about this look. And she certainly didn’t tamp down on the cray. We have to respect that she stayed really close to her strict brief and managed to express her true self and style through her choices – all while remaining Oscars-appropriate.

We won’t deny that this is a bit over the top. That’s not such a dig, because her willingness to go there is one of the things we love most about her style. But yes, there’s an awful lot of forced whimsy and black sheer in this dress, and if you’ve paid any attention to our rantings and ramblings over the past year-plus, you know we’re sick of both of those red carpet trends.

But dammit, she looks magical. We simply can’t do anything but love this wild, whimsical, dark Marie Antoinette thing she’s serving up.



Style Credits:
Elie Saab Embroidered Gown from the Fall 2016 Couture Collection
Forevermark Jewelry
Brian Atwood Heels

[Photo Credit: Getty Images, IMAXTree]

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