Oscars 2017: We are full of questions regarding Felicity Jones’ Dior

Posted on February 28, 2017

Actress Felicity Jones’ dress has been brought to you today by the word “why.”



As in, “Why, Why WHY would you choose this dress, Felicity Jones?”



Why pick a dress that looks like a drawer full of old bras?


Why pick a dress so drab and basic in shape? Why pick a dress that enthickens you?





Why would you choose not to style this dress with so much as an interesting nail color or a piece of jewelry you can see from more than four feet away?


Why would you pick such showy, vaguely tacky shoes to go with it? Why would you wear sandals to the Oscars, but not choose a more stylish pedicure?

And the most important “Why?” of all…


Why, when you’ve got Dior ready to set you up for the Oscars, would you even pause to consider this dreary Dior? You starred in one of the biggest movies of the year, girl. We doubt you didn’t have options better than this.




Style Credits:
Christian Dior Embellished Dress from the Spring 2017 Couture Collection
Niwaka Jewelry
Christian Louboutin Sandals

[Photo Credit: JENNIFER GRAYLOCK/INSTARimages.com, Getty Images, IMAXTree]

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