Oscars 2017: Emma Stone Goes Oddly Business-Like for the Vanity Fair Party

Posted on February 28, 2017



Okay, well. We’re not quite sure what to say here. That wasn’t a “Wow,” as in “Wow, she looks amazing.”


It was more of a “Wow, we can’t remotely understand her choices here.”


It’s all so … ’90s Happy Hour-looking. We’re all for a winner, nominee or presenter heading to the after-parties in something simpler and easier to wear, but since she already committed to heels and a mini-skirt, why not just pick a cute party dress and be done with it?


It’s not a horrible look; just a strangely dated and vaguely business-like one for an Oscar winner to be sporting to the after-party. She looks like a PR assistant holding someone’s trophy while they pee or something.


Style Credits:
Givenchy Slip Dress and Embellished Blazer
Repossi Jewelry

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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