Oscars 2017: Dakota Johnson Gucci at the Vanity Fair Party

Posted on February 28, 2017


When, we see the words “Dakota,” “Johnson,” and “Gucci” paired up in a sentence, it tends to make us apprehensive, at the very least. Miss Girl loves herself (i.e., is most likely paid well to wear) whatever Gucci’s putting out, but when you consider the sheer tiredness of what Gucci’s been putting out lately, you might understand our trepidation. We’re hard-pressed to think of one pairing of that design house with that star that resulted in huzzahs issuing forth from our perky lips. And the silly satin prairie schmatta she wore to the ceremony did not endear us to that pairing any further.

So yeah, we were primed and ready to hate this, especially when we got a load of the big satin bow and the overall (and overdone) nightgown vibe.


But we don’t actually hate this, to our surprise. Maybe we’re just worn down on the whole Gucci thing. Maybe we’ve set the bar entirely too low. All we know is, it doesn’t make us angry or roll our eyes. That’s progress, right?

Granted, we’d have rec’d about a third of that pink satin be done away with. We’d also fire her hair team on the spot, given the power to do so.


Style Credits:
Gucci Black Dress with Pink Satin Bow and Plunging Neckline
Gucci Clutch

[Photo Credit: David Niviere//ABACA/INSTARimage, Getty Images]

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