Oscars 2017: Alicia Vikander Fails to Register in Louis Vuitton

Posted on February 28, 2017


To our surprise, Alicia followed the same strategy Brie Larson did in choosing her “Returning Winner” gown.  She opted for a gown design so basic and overdone that it almost became a pleasant surprise just for being so standard.



But let’s be clear here: We don’t love this.



It’s not wrong enough for us to hate it. In fact, it inspires no strong feelings either way. That is, of course, a bit of a problem for an Oscars gown.


While we generally think it’s a good thing for returning winners to make sure their presence has an impact on people, they have to strike a balance between being a star and coming across like you’re trying to take the spotlight off someone else. Brie managed it well, with a basic black gown that nonetheless had a lot of drama to it without a lot of fuss.


We can’t really say the same about Alicia’s choice. There have been so many black lace gowns on the red carpets of the world in the last two years that this fails to register at all. The only truly interesting thing about it is that it’s a Louis Vuitton design that doesn’t look like ass.

And that’s “removing your makeup” hair, not “standing onstage at the Oscars” hair. Tsk.


Style Credits:
Custom Louis Vuitton Black Embroidered Lace Dress
Bulgari Jewelry

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

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