Nicole Kidman in The Most Generic Chanel You Ever Saw at the Oscar Nominee Luncheon

Posted on February 07, 2017


Oh, Nicole. Must we do this again?



First, is it us, or does her face look like someone used the smudge tool in photoshop on it? She looks … blurry. Girl, that’s not your  makeup. Unless “blurry” was what you were going for, in which case, congratulations, we guess.

Skipping past the distracting head styling, we both kind of threw up our hands in despair on this look. First, because she keeps doing the “colorless” thing in her choices, which is absolutely not what she needs to be doing (and in fact, may be contributing to the gauzy effect she tends to give off here). Second, because this is such a Chanel cliche that we’re kinda pissed Karl even bothered sending it down the runway. Coco could’ve sketched this in her sleep. We realize there’s a strong house aesthetic but this is so generically Chanel that it almost comes off like a knockoff. And the silver belt does little for it. Someone offers you Chanel Couture for free, you don’t pick the piece that looks like it could have a “Channel” label on the inside. Write that one down.

Harrumph. We are not grumpy!


Style Credits:
Chanel Beige Tweed Suit with Silver Metallic Belt from the Spring 2017 Couture Collection
Omega Watch
Fred Leighton Jewelry
Jimmy Choo ‘Truce’ Sandals

[Photo Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images, IMAXTree]

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