Nicole Kidman and Dev Patel’s Mother and Child Reunion at the “Lion” Paris Premiere

Posted on February 14, 2017


Nicole’s all “Look, I’ll pick up an Oscar nom for playing his mother, but I’m not gonna stand next to him on the red carpet looking like his mother.”



Oof. We really don’t love this, though. The textile’s great, but that leg situation is awful and comes off a little thirsty. We go back and forth on whether the sleeve situation works.

Basically, there are a lot of situations going on here.



That waist situation’s another dicey thing, but fortunately (and to our mild surprise), the hair situation’s pretty great.


He, for his part, looks magnificent. This is the best thing he’s worn on a red carpet in ages. And the best male ensemble we’ve seen all year. Would’ve loved more contrast or color somewhere, but we have to admit, the conservative tones of gray and black work really well for him.



Style Credits:
Saint Laurent Dress Black and Gold Dotted One-Sleeve Chiffon Dress from the Spring 2017 Collection

[Photo Credit: Wyters Alban/ABACA/, IMAXTree]

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