Let’s Play “Guess T Lo’s Thoughts” on Mandy Moore’s Look at the Marc Jacobs Fall 2017 Show

Posted on February 17, 2017

Our verbatim T Lo reaction to this look will follow the pictures. Play along at home! See if you can guess what witticism will spring forth as you scroll down!


Ooooh honey, no. Not at ALL.

Or first thought was that the dress isn’t all that bad on its own, but the visible bra, super-chunky heels and kind of goof head-styling aren’t helping Miss Mandy in any way here. Then we had our second thought, which is that we must have been momentarily insane for thinking the dress “isn’t that bad on its own.” The shape is awful on her – very unflattering – and the revelation that she’s got embroidered pills all over her is rage-inducing. We may need to lie down for a bit. Talk amongst yourselves about how awful this is.


[Photo Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]

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