Lady Gaga Set Super Bowl LI On Fire in Versace

Posted on February 06, 2017

Let us all pause here and enjoy the tension the Gaga fans are feeling right now. Will T Lo say something nice about their goddess? Or will they have to call down the hordes upon them for their blasphemy? Millions wait for their assessment, ready to go to war if need be.

Please. Let us have our little fantasies.


Steffi NAILED IT, you guys. While it may not have been the most explosive (literally) or controversial (not at all) Super Bowl halftime show, it was ten solid minutes of good music, performed with high energy and conviction.


The pyrotechnics were kept to a minimum (relatively speaking, for a Super Bowl halftime show) and the costume changes were only slight. It really was all about the music and the message. Good for her.


We don’t know if we’d go so far as to say it was a career-defining moment, since she’s done a pretty damn good job of defining herself and her career up until now, but we think when they compile the Gaga tribute reels thirty years from now, this performance will be heavily featured.

As for the stage wear, lovingly provided by her good friend Donatella…

It was somewhat surprisingly low-key (again, relatively speaking, for Gaga) and without a lot of frippery or trickery. For Gaga, these costumes are about as staightforward as you can get. She started off more or less as a high-glam superheroine and ended the show as a high-glam football player. The message, performance and costume design were all light and tight; concise, get-the-job-done-ism that puts all the focus on the songs and the message. This is Gaga in full control. Brava.



Style Credits:
Custom Versace Fully Beaded Iridescent Jumpsuit with Sculptural Shoulder Detail and Matchy Fully Embroidered Boots, both with Swarovski crystal Detailing
Custom Versace Fully Embellished Jacket
Custom Versace Fully Embroidered Hot-Pants and Cropped Sculptural White Jacket

[Photo Credit: Lionel Hahn/Abacausa/]

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