We had a lot of thoughts about Jenny Slate’s Outfit at “The Lego Batman Movie” L.A. Premiere

Posted on February 06, 2017

You simply wouldn’t believe how many thoughts swirled around our heads and then out our mouths when we considered this getup early this morning.


One of the first thoughts: “Inappropriate! This is a Lego cartoon premiere!” Then, following that, as a sort of amendment to the first thought: “Not that it’s too sexy or anything! Just that it’s kind of ridiculously high-fashion for an event like this one!” 

Second thought: “It’s also ugly!”

Third thought: “Hey, girl! Congratulations on snagging some big name stuff!”

Fourth thought: “Following up on that last thought, just wanna say that if you’re getting access to anything with a Valentino label on it, don’t be silly and pick stuff like this, dear. There are better options.”

Fifth thought: “It’s still really ugly!”

Sixth thought: “If the skirt ended at mid-thigh, this might’ve been okay! Or at least, less ugly.”

Seventh thought: “The Nana shoes are tragic!”

Eighth thought: “Is she still with Chris Evans? Because jealously may be fueling a tiny bit of our reactions here.”


As you can see, a veritable whirlwind of opinions. We simply must lie down after this one. We appear to have exhausted ourselves.



Style Credits:
RED Valentino Floral Print Sheer Panel Dress from the Resort 2017 Collection

[Photo Credit: Sara De Boer/startraksphoto.com, Courtesy of Valentino]

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