Oscars 2017: Isabelle Huppert Goes for Quiet Chic in Armani Privé

Posted on February 27, 2017

To be honest, that headline is kinder in tone than we really feel about this look. Not that we feel UNkind about it; just that we don’t respond all that well to Miss Isabelle’s style preferences.


Yes, there is a simple, quiet chic elegance here. But that’s sometimes a polite way of saying that a look is somewhat standard and dull. On the one hand, we admire her no-bullshit approach on a night when the gowns can get over-the-top and ridiculous. She’s someone who, we have no doubt, would say that tonight was all about the work and not the image-making. She simply wasn’t going to be the type of actress to show up in something really attention-seeking. So in that sense, good for her. She stuck to her guns (we originally typed “stuck to her gowns” and we’re so delighted by the phrase that we’ll be looking for excuses to use it constantly) and showed up looking like herself.

On the other hand, this is just a washed-out glittery Jesus robe.As per the uzh with her, she’s swimming in it, although we appreciate the fact that it more or less fits her. It may be really loose, but at least the sleeves and hem are proportionate to her frame. And we like to think she took our constant advice about becoming friends with shoulderpads. The belt was a missed opportunity, though. She could’ve found something much more formal and fabulous to finish this off properly. The ear cuff is pretty killer, but it doesn’t really look like her thing and we’re not convinced it’s the right choice for a gown like this one.

Kind of an odd look, once we break it down.



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Armani Privé Embroidered Long-Sleeve gown

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