Demi Lovato Got Caught in a Net at the Grammy Awards

Posted on February 14, 2017


We are so incredibly over these macrame dresses, even more than the black lace or black sheer dresses. There seemed to have been a lot of gushing over this look, but we’re just not feeling it at all.



We mean, sure, her body looks great – which seems to have been the point of a lot of the positive commentary. But the dress is just so tacky to us, made worse by pairing it with what we’re presuming is a black thong. If we’re presuming wrong, then it’s even tackier than we thought.

Are we bitches here? There seemed to be so much “You go, girl”-style praise of this look and we just saw stale Kardashian cosplay and poor underwear choices. But we repeat ourselves.

We’re not going to put it up to a vote because we know damn well how it’s going to go, so we’ll ask a gentler question: Are we just not seeing the appeal? Is there anything to recommend this dress aside from the fact that her bod looks scorching in it? Or did we just answer our own questions?



Style Credits:
Julien MacDonald Embellished Gown with Cutout from the Spring 2017 Collection
David Yurman Jewelry

[Photo Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images, Christopher Polk/Getty Images, IMAXTree]

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